“Many thanks to Sahra for participating in our birth experience. It was a pleasure to meet her in the beginning of the doula process. She was genuinely interested in how we envisioned the labor and delivery. I felt very confident that she would be a strong and supportive presence in the room. During labor, my partner very much appreciated having her present so that he could feel comfortable taking breaks when he was exhausted and leaving me in good hands. It gave both of us peace of mind to know she was available for helping me through the night with her various pain coping tools.

I would recommend Sahra to anyone looking for an informed doula who is interested in supporting moms and families through this process. She is a sweetheart who knows this process well and is able to help moms achieve the labor they want in a very caring manner. In my experience, she also always responded to questions I sent her via text in the weeks leading up to delivery and was more than happy to offer me resources on various pregnancy and labor topics.

“I just had my little boy at Swedish First Hill Campus and it was such a great experience having Sahra Malin with me. She helped me prepare for the birth through her guidance and was very patient and effective at communication whenever I had questions for her during the pregnancy. She was available whenever I needed her. Today as I was coming for induction she was with me and was very helpful from the moment I got here until now that I’m about to go to the postpartum room. I loved the massage she gave me on my back during the contraction and active labor. She suggested great positions too that made my labor and contractions bearable. I will wanna have her as my doula again and again in my future pregnancies and deliveries, and I definitely recommend her to anyone who’s looking at getting a doula. Thanks again Sahra,you’re awesome in what you do and keep that up”.

“Sahra was an exceptional addition to our care team during our baby’s Labor and delivery. She helped advocate for us when I was not able to speak and helped me stick to my birth plan for as long as I desired. When my plan changed, she continued to be supportive of whatever decision I made. She used different non-medicated techniques to get me through my contractions as I had wished for. She also provided realistic and practical tips that I never knew about since this was my first pregnancy.We are so happy that we had a doula be a part of our team but especially happy that Sahra came into our lives at such an important and vulnerable time. I would recommend Sahra to anyone desiring a competent, empathetic, and caring doula. “

 “I recently had Sahra as my birth doula for my labor. This is the first time I had a doula although I already have two other boys at home. I thought with this time around, I should have one because a friend of mine suggested her to me. She is a diligent and hard worker and keeps calm under pressure which my husband and I appreciate a lot. we tried so many counter pressure techniques as well as walking, massage, hot tub, and spinning babies techniques. I felt like this is waa my first real birth. in the past I have never tried any of these things, all I did was lay on the bed. So I appreciate Sahra for being there for the most intimate time in our lives. Her techniques, made me dilate so fast. She doesn’t give up, and she encouraged me even when I disbelieved in myself. after 12 hours of labor, she didn’t even look tired at all, she was so energized and kept a smile on her face along the way. Everyone should have a doula like her. After the baby was born I felt so much relief and my self-esteem was so high. she valued me although the care providers didn’t, and that means so much to me and my husband. Thank you so much, Sahra! I hope to have you as my Doula again.”